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November 21st, 2010: All I want for Christmas..

There are a lot of dolly related things I would want for Christmas (Blythe PaM / Ribonetta Wish / Simply Sparkly Spark / Le Jardin de Maman / Vinter Arden, TTYA clothes for MSD and 1/6 dolls, jiajiadoll knitwear, a PKF body, carriers for 1/6 dolls, face shields/protectors, the list goes on..!), but with a partner being only mildly interested – and computer/Internet close-to-illiterate – my best bet is to go with a fullset doll, readily available from a store by the click of a button. So, yesterday I told him that this is what I want for Christmas from him and the kids:

I am not holding my breath, though – it’s more likely that the two of us agree on not getting each other presents at all, and in stead wait for the new year’s sales to get that big TV and a new satellite receiver/subscription, and hopefully some of the furniture needed for my doll room (since the TV is really _his_ wish and not mine…).

November 17th, 2010: Pre-orders for limited releases

Virusdoll sent out a newsletter today about limited releases. They have a certain number of dolls available for preorder: Read the rest of this entry »

November 6th, 2010: Amazing chibi tiny

I am such a sucker for chibi looking bjds, and this tiny by La Légende de Tempsis just perfect..! Only 4 white and 4 tan left as this is written; US$240 plus shipping… Probably not this time, but wow.

October 31st, 2010: I can has a new toy

I got myself a new lens on Friday, a Lensbaby Composer. I LOVE it!

Bye, Sparrow!

October 27th, 2010: Incoming dolls!

After not having spent a single dime on eBay for well over a month – a first time ever, since I started collecting dolls back in Aug 2008 – I am “finally” waiting for something new again.

Rav <3

Isn’t she just gorgeous? She’s an Abio Angel “Shi”, an SD sized doll which will complement my Dollfie Dream(s), the Volks “Rio” head and even my Dollzone “Yage” quite perfectly, with her anime-ish look and all. She’s a totally unplanned addition to the doll family; her arrival is made possible through a spur-of-the-moment trade with fellow Norwegian doll aficionada Kristin. I am also expecting Pullip Ddalgi and Byul HumptyDumpty to arrive pretty soon, they were shipped from the US yesterday. Hooray!

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