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Aficionada GMail?

I can offer anyone in the fanlistings community a free, Gmail powered, email account. Your address will be, where username is a name of your choice. The account is web based, using the same interface as regular GMail and with the same, neat features (search, labeling, unlimited space etc). If you are interested, feel free to drop me a line at

The word aficionada is the female form of the word aficionado, meaning “someone who’s a fan of something”, and should be brilliant for any girl who’s into fanlistings!

These are the current members of our “family”; click their names to visit their FL collectives! :)

Other aliases that are taken:
anna, bella, betty, crissy, daphne, erin, kara, kell, lisa, merry, michelle, moeeeh, pretty, qbert, sherry, zosia