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Who's the fan girl and doll collector?

birgitI am living in the south of Norway with my two sons aged 8 and 12 and their dad. I work in a communication agency, as an interface programmer (I code websites). On my spare time I take pictures, I read quite a bit (suspense, contemporary fiction, geek magazines), and I watch movies ("foreign", anime) and some TV shows (Six Feet Under, The Wire, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, House MD, Breaking Bad). I collect ball-jointed dolls and Pullips, and I also spend a lot of time online - at different communities, or dabbling with my different website projects.

I joined The Fanlistings Network in Nov 2004 and was a member of staff from Jan 2005-June 2006. At the most I ran over 100 fanlistings, while I am currently running a handful, very cherished ones.

During my first few years online, I spent a fair amount of time running a "cute pixels" site (pixelbirdie) and a forum related to this (MyIllusion), plus a pixel doll site with another forum (Dolling Moms). Some of the info I gathered during that time is now found at the "kawaii" site that my online sis Jen, Sarah, and I still keep.

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