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Acronyms that are relevant for doll collecting and purchasing:

  • NRFB – Never Removed From Box (if a box has even been opened, it can no longer be considered NRFB)
  • MIB – Mint In Box
  • MIP – Mint In Package
  • MOC – Mint On Card (referring to accessories and outfits)
  • OOAK – One Of A Kind (custom made)

“Mint” means just as it was when it came from the factory, but contrary to NRFB the packaging has been opened, and perhaps the doll was taken out to put on display.

  • FS – For sale
  • WTB – Want to buy
  • WTT – Want to trade
  • WTS – Want to split (outfit/doll)
  • BIN – Buy It Now (a fixed price, contrary to a bidding auction)
  • OBO – Or Better Offer (inviting you to haggle)