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Clothing: eBay merchant “minibarbie921″

Merchant "minibarbie921"

Store: Minibarbie Boutique

Identity crisis solvedItem(s) purchased: Three t-shirts, a tank top, black plain pants, black cargo style pants, green bomber style jacket. On a later occasion I’ve also purchased a pair of Nike 1/6 trainers.
Shipping: Combined shipping, but not much of a difference (-$.40 for each additional item). Fast shipping.
Communication: , Responded fast on my request for an invoice, gave a notice when they shipped the package. No other communication (not that it was needed).
Other: Added two additional jackets (to the right on the pic) as a gift.

Very pleased with the smooth transactions and the possibility of finding action figure clothing and unique fashion doll clothing as single items and not in full sets. Could’ve wished for cheaper combined shipping. Am a returning customer, and recommend the store to others.

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  • dollsahoy says:

    My favorite place to get loose pieces of action figure clothing and gear is I don’t know how steep their international shipping rates are, though.

  • Birgit says:

    Thanks for the link, will have to check it out! :)

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