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My Dals

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colorbaby5My first Dal was adopted OOAK through LJ. Originally a Drta, she had been re-wigged, re-chipped (given new eyes) with two-tone Coolcat chips, and given a 23cm obitsu body. She arrived on April 14, 2009. Her name, Chicklet, was given to her by her previous owner, and I decided to keep it. I have later swapped the wig she had when arriving here, with a blond, spikey, Cotindoll wig.

And to think I didn't like Dals.. (by birdie's stuff)My second Dal – a Tezca – arrived from another Norwegian collector, June 8, 2009. I re-wigged and re-chipped her (Dal Jolie’s stock chips). With her poor feet becoming seriously stained from wearing Pullip Prunella’s shoes for a few days, she was even hybridized – which means she has obitsu arms and lower body pieces from a 23cm obitsu. Tezca went to Australia late November 2010.

My third Dal, a Jolie, quickly moved on to a new owner.

Cinnifer and Milk (by birdie's stuff)Fourth in line was Dal Cinnamoroll, a highly cherished gift from my “sis” and BFF Jen. She arrived on Sep 22, 2009, along with four plush Cinnamorolls, a huge Cinnamoroll stationery lot, and a full wardrobe of Pullip outfits sewn by Jen and her mom! Her name Cinnifer is a portmanteau of Jen’s full name and the Dal stock name. She is completely stock (unchanged).

Untitled (by birdie's stuff)The fifth Dal to arrive was a Phoebe, a HellCatPunks/Groove Inc collaboration doll. She was my first Dal that I purchased NRFB (Cinnamoroll excepted, since she was a gift). Phoebe went to Italy in April 2011.

Semi new girl (by birdie's stuff)Lipoca, my sixth Dal, was adopted from the same collector who provided me with her “twin” Tezca. While here, she wore a petrol blue wig I found at a random Japanese hobby website while looking for faceup paints and brushes. She has later traveled on to a new owner, in Spain.

Blue eyed ChantillyDal Magical Pink Chan was adopted after I fell for her slightly customized look, with a white shirt wig and already obitsued. I named her Chantilly, French for whipped cream. ;) I’ve re-chipped her with blue Pupa Paradise chips, other than that her look is stock.

GueritaMy second Jolie was adopted nude/bald and in “bait” condition. Her head screw holes were cracked, but with the help of my partner and some putty I’ve fixed those. In December 2010 she went to stay with the Norwegian collector who earlier provided me with Dals Tezca and Lipoca.

Waves to KatDal Another Clock Rabbit was adopted mint in box from a fellow Norwegian doll fan, she arrived in mid February 2011.