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dollb’s BJD project closer to release has published pics today of their BJD in the making (earlier blogged about here), they’re already at the “finding the default faceup phase” and I have to say that I like what I see! I haven’t got any Lati yellow/PukiFee size dolls, but this dollb doll is really tempting! There’s so many nice outfits to be found for this size too, I’ve regretted choosing the Lati White size more than once.

Other than that, the New Year’s weekend means three days off work, and I hope to use those to take pics and lots of pics (it’s way too cold outside to take the kids sledding anyway). I’ve started decorating the dollhouse for the tinies, but it’s come to a slight pause as I make my mind up whether to keep the tinies as kids or if they should become chibi versions of young adults. Somehow, I reckon the scale will work better that way, as Lundby is smaller than the BJD scale – but it will be a challenge in regards of outfits, especially shoes!, and also their facial expressions. The Brownies are getting new faces anyway, but somehow I fret changing the adorable factory faceup of my Lati White Belle..!

Comparison pics of Lati Yellow heads and the dollb head:

I don’t see any striking resemblance between any of the Lati heads and the dollb head. The dollb head is coned towards the top, while the Lati head tops are wide, the dollb eyes are rounded on top, while most of the Lati eyes in general are either almond shaped (same curve on top and bottom of eye), or flat on top and round underneath. The dollb chin seems more angled, while the Latis have “drooping” cheeks so that the chin and the bottom of the cheeks are almost in line. Finally, the face area (eyebrows to chin tip) seems longer on the dollb head than on the Lati heads. Of course, the angles of the heads in the photos are not the same, but that’s how I interpret what I see. Extra pics of the Coco head underneath, a head mentioned specifically in a comment in my LJ blog:

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