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Fairyland Puki & Realpuki

Fairyland is renowned for their amazingly poseable BJD bodies, and my two tinies live to prove it. I have a Realpuki Soso and a Chocopuki Sugar, both fullsets (the Realpukis are not sold in basic versions as this is written). Please see my resources page for Pukis here.

Soso came with two faceplates (add. sleeping face), optional hands (add. clenching hands), a wig, a pixie like outfit with a “wooden” resin rod, two pairs of shoes (actually resin feet parts, skin colour and red), a metal plate, and a box. She was purchased Sep 1, 2009, and arrived Oct 12, 2009. She’s named Sparrow.

Occasionally wears different wigs
New 6mm eyes colour “Stone” from Dreaming Tree Studio

Click to see full size pictures at

My Chocopuki Sugar was adopted from Carina, another Norwegian BJD lover, and arrived Jan 6, 2010. She came with two additional faceplates (sleeping and winking), four sets of optional hands (clenching, victory, OK/thumbs up, left microphone hand + right fist hand), a black pukisha set including wig and outfits (BlackCat), a metal plate, and her box.

Faceup removed by previous owner
Magnets added in her back, for wings
Ginarolo 8 mm “blue jean” glass eyes

About Puki Puki

Pukipuki, sculpted by the Cerberus Project team, were released in 2007 by FairyLand. Pukis set a new standard for posing for such tiny dolls.

Their hands, feet and optional parts (wings, ears, resin boots) are magnetic – many of these parts can be purchased separately, being referred to as “magical items”. In stead of the typical BJD full head with a small head cap they have a headback with faceplates that are easily swapped. They are available in three skin tones: Natural, Beautiful White, and Chocopuki (only limited releases). The first molds were Piki, Pipi and Sugar; each with a sleeping and a winking faceplate.

Manuals for Pukis