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Namu was the first male counterpart created for the Pullip doll. Similar to the pullip doll, his eyes can be moved back and forth and blink, using levers on the back of the head, and he can be customized. He is 34 cm tall, and clothing for the doll may be exchanged with many 1:6 action figures and dolls.

Namu was retired in May 2005 under the story that he and Pullip “broke up”. Over a year later, a new male doll – Taeyang – was released to become Pullip’s new boyfriend.

Namu profile:

Family profile:
Dad – Italian and a pilot.
Mom – Korean and manages a small shop.

Hobbies: Photography, driving (vehicle is Volvo from Dad), scuba diving, surfing, watching movies, TV game
Favorite type of girl: Someone like Beyonce (She is cheerful as Pullip!)
Personality: Has an inner fortitude, gentle.
Occupation: Fashion academy student in Milan. Belongs to the Fencing club.
Address: Como, Italy
Age: 19 (born in February, Aquarius)
Born in: Italy



  • Vispo (February)
  • Trunk (March)
  • Happy Birthday Namu 1 (May, exclusive)
  • Serpent (June)
  • Wolf (October)
  • Kung Fu Fai (December)


  • Happy Birthday Namu 2 Geronimo (May, exclusive)

(source: Wikipedia)