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Nibblet the Ursabob

This sweet tiny Ursabob enjoys long leisurely winter mornings snugged up in his bed, steamy cups of lemon tea with a side of pancakes and syrup, and squidgee squeezles.

Nibblet stands just 2 inches tall. He has a cute little mini-button nose and wears his heart on his chest. A lovely sheep down the road named Evelynn donated the warm apricot wool for his body. His face is soft baby peach wool from Bernice the sheep who lives with Evelynn. Nibblet was made by the needle felting method which means poking and poking a lump of wool with a very sharp barbed needle until his form appears. This has made him fearless and brave despite his short stature.

He adores hedgehogs, Jacabunnies and plays well with others too. (except kitties)


The above text is the profile of the needle felted character I just adopted from KitLane’s Etsy store – I keep being amazed by her wild imagination and the speed with which she crunches out bizarre creatures like little Nibbles. In addition to the characters she’s currently offering up at her store, she’s also open to commissions. I am hoping to add to the Ursabob family with time, I’ve seen so many fun photos of them while browsing flickr.

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