You've reached aficionada.org, a fanlistings collective shared by Birgit and Jen. The collective has been around since January 2005, and the domain name since November the same year. Previously, we kept this collective at the URL impassionet.info.

We hope you'll have a good time browsing our fanlistings, and that you'll even consider joining one or two! There is also a set of code templates for you to snag if you are running your own fanlistings or for some reason like making codes.

Fanlistings with new homes

June 2nd, 2007

Several fanlistings are leaving - or have already left - the three collectives owned by Jen and I, together or separately. Jenn has adopted the fanlisting for toys, Becky’s adopted the fanlisting for politics, Sarah’s adopted the fanlisting for Barunson’s line “Cafe Pupu” plus the coffee clique Percolator; the links for the other fanlistings adopted out will be posted here as soon as they are finished and presented to us.

We’ve had problems finding new owners for some of our adoptions though, and urge any fans to please apply for these:
San-X: Nagomimakuri kept
San-X: Omusubiya-san closed
San-X: Yogurtkun closed
Sanrio: Tenorikuma kept
Everland: Sheepo closed
Jinsung Korea: Foody closed
Seagulls gone!
Pooh’s Heffalump Movie closed

Some have also found new homes with us, more specifically the fanlisting for Optimism (re-adopted) and the fanlisting for the Wallace and Gromit short “The Wrong Trousers”.

Who Loves Icons?

March 20th, 2007

Whether you’re a graphic designer, a desktop customizing geek, or a social network junky… We all love icons, and the Iconbuffet is the place to be.

The Chefs at the Iconbuffet create masterpieces when it comes to icons, these pixel perfect works of art can be used anywhere: websites, desktop icons, even as avatars for your favorite social network sites, most sites (ex: digg, flickr, twitter etc. ) give you the option to upload an avatar, which is a tiny picture (usually 48×48 pixels), that represents you or something you like.

This site is geared toward graphic professionals, requiring icons for their projects, and some of their icon sets can have a pretty hefty price to some ($299us), but well worth it. However if you can’t afford that, don’t shy away just yet, because your gonna love this place (it’s what really got me hooked)… Which is their own little social network, and when you join (it’s free), you become part of the icon loving community, where you can add friends, chat in the forums, trade icons, and every month you get a free icon set delivery, stamps, tokens, and as you build-up your profile you get badges and points.

You really have to join to understand and experience all these goodies. The community is really friendly, the icons are awesome, and the staff is just fabulous.

So if you’re hungry for icons, come and join the iconbuffet.

Blog entry used with permission from GudStoff

New Homes

February 27th, 2007

I’ve let go several fanlistings lately and thought I would post a handy list in case anyone came here looking for them. :)

DM Songs of Faith and Devotion: http://www.fatal-attraction.org/sofad
Thai Food: http://cold-sundays.org/thai
Domains: http://psyche.nu/domainfl/
Gel Pens: http://sapphire-sky.org/gel
Scented Candles:http://candles.fanfreak.net
Mesh Sponges:http://wylderose.com/mesh/
Shower Gel: http://wylderose.com/showergel/
Slipper Socks: http://fan.atsparkys.com/ssocks/
Brownies: http://www.midnight-diamonds.com/brownies
Cookies: Homemade http://future-memories.net/cookies/
Junk Food: http://junkfood.karenai.net
Mexican Food: http://www.fan-tasia.com/mexican/
Nuts: http://fani.nippu.net/nuts/

One adoption, one approval

February 21st, 2007

Kell has let me adopt one of my absolute wishlisters; the fanlisting for Storms. I plan to skin it, to display different kinds of storms - as for now there’s my personal favorite, the windy and a bit rainy storms so often experienced on the coast of Norway. I’ve also put up the fanlisting for Seagulls, but I will have to add codes and such tomorrow, time to grab some sleep now!

Finished: Dolls; several adopted out

February 15th, 2007

I’ve been lucky to adopt the fanlisting for pixel dolls, and have put it up using my old doll site domain; pixelated-dreams.net. There is some extra material up already, with more to come.

The following fanlistings have found new owners: Chicken Run (Quirino), Avatars (Kya), Coen Brothers (Flora), The Shawshank Redemption (back with me again), Websites (Jessica).