Pre-orders for limited releases

Virusdoll sent out a newsletter today about limited releases. They have a certain number of dolls available for preorder:

“Gothic & Lolita Psycho” Yuki (300) – 20 available at $150
Estimated release mid May 2010, to be confirmed.
Doll Carnival Chloi (green) and Clara (pink) – 10 dolls at $102 of each
Estimated release early December, to be confirmed.
Dal Chibi Risa “Sweet Girl” version – 10 available at $133
Estimated release early December, to be confirmed.

Email [email protected] for ordering and shipping estimate (1 doll: US, UK, Europe: $40/registered mail, SE Asia $25, NZ/Aus $30). Paypal payment, first come first serve.

Edit, Nov 19: PullipStyle also have some of the dolls ready for pre-order. If you’re in the US, they have unbeatable ground shipping rates ($3.95 for 1 doll, $5.95 for 2 dolls or more). For the rest of us, the shipping cost is appr. $33 for one doll.
Carnival Limited twins at $92 each
Sweet Risa at $139.95 currently only has the green twin left, at €114.90

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