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Pullip is an articulated fashion doll designed by Mango Park, manufactured by the Korean company Cheonsang Cheonha, and marketed by JUN Planning of Japan Groove Inc of Korea, the company of Pullip designer Mango Park. Since the first release in 2003, other types of dolls have been added to the line:

  • male Namu (retired)
  • male Taeyang
  • younger girl Dal
  • even younger girl Byul
  • miniature versions of Pullips and Dals called Little Pullip and Little Dal
  • for a short while there also existed kid versions called Angel Pullip and Angel Dal

Pullips are released on a monthly basis, and there are additional limited release exclusives sold occasionally. Each release has a unique name with distinct face make-up, hair, outfit, accessories, and box. In addition to original Pullip characters, there are also collabs on a regular bases – with fashion brands, film companies, and animanga license owners. Examples are several Audrey Hepburn dolls, a Peter Pan (yes, a female version), several Rozen Maiden Pullips – other collab partners are Sanrio, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, Neo Angelique Abyss, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. The fashion collabs have resulted in Pullips dressed in h.Naoto, Angelic Pretty, and Hellcatpunks fashion. There are also several releases that if not official collabs they are still inspired by known characters, like Fantastic Alice, Another Alice and Another Queen (all Alice in Wonderland), Anne of Green Gables, Little Red Riding Hood, RIDa – obviously inspired by Nana – and Principessa, a Mana clone.

Pullips are made of ABS Plastic. They have a unique eye mechanism that allows the eyes to move from side to side and wink, using levers on the back of the head. Starting with Rei Ayanami, the eyes can remain shut by fixing the lever in a designated groove.

Look to the left (by birdie's stuff) Look to the right (by birdie's stuff) :wink: (by birdie's stuff)


Pullips are about 12 inches tall, the body without the head is about 9 inches tall (1:6 scale) – the size of many fashion dolls such as Barbie and Takara Jenny. They are fairly slim, and although Barbie and same sized fashion (MyScene etc) fits, it will for the most part be too wide at the waistline and around the bust. There are however several seamstresses who make outfits specifically for Pullips on Etsy, and even some on eBay who offer handmade but factory quality fashion (earthfile, balatw, Coolcat, IXTEE). Blythe fashion will fit around the torso but is too short at the sleeves and legs. Jenny (Takara) fashion is a great fit, as is Azone. When obitsued, especially onto 27cm obitsus, most of the above mentioned fashion lines will fit much better, since the obitsus are curvier and closer to Barbie and other western fashion dolls in size.


Pullips can be personalized or customized. Their heads can easily be opened to access the eye mechanism; the usual routine is to add fuller eyelashes and swap the eye “chips” with new ones. The eye chips are either of rubbery material or a more plastic material; the first must be cut loose using a scalpel, while the latter can be popped out from behind using for instance a knitting needle. New chips are commonly purchased from CoolCat, or Pupa Paradise (D.I.Y., Pullip clips). Blythe chips can also be used, but they are large (wider in radius) and need to be sanded down (shrinked) to fit the socket of the Pullip eye mech.

When customizing the faceup (make-up) of a Pullip, it’s common to simply enhance the already existing faceup, while some do the tedious job of first wet sanding down the original face and then make a new faceup from scratch. The same materials used for BJD faceups are safe to use on Pullips; chalk pastels, acrylic paint, acrylic gloss, and Mr Super Clear spray for sealing and matting.

Wigs can be purchased from any BJD store; Pullips use 8-9″, same as most SD sized BJDs. Since most BJD wigs have elastic wig caps, it doesn’t matter if the wig turns out to be a bit large. The wig is fixed to the head using water soluble glue (Aleene’s Tacky Glue recommended), a silicone wig cap (LaureBelleCouture) or simply two strips of velcro tape (the coarse part) – one strip on the forehead and one in the back of the head will hold the wig nicely in place. For mohair and fur wigs, Sleeping Elf and StarxCrossed can be recommended. Also, Sunny’s Wonderful World on eBay is awesome and very affordable, they custom make each wig after you’ve ordered it (just let them know what kind of doll it’s for in your payment note). Or why not try making a wig from yarn?


Type 1: The articulated Pullip body has gone through several changes. Early dolls had Marmit-type bodies with visible screws. They had rooted scalps, but can still be re-wigged if you make or purchase a regular scalp (or cut down the original hair). The later blank scalps and these rooted scalps can be swapped.

Type 2: Starting in January 2004 with the release of Venus, Pullip had a new body which had no visible screws, a soft torso, and joints that could be pulled apart. This body had more realistic proportions, and is to date the most poseable body. Disadvantages of this body include the limbs can fall off or pull apart too easily, the soft torso ‘pops’ out of the hip joint, and that the plastic of the body had a tendency to melt under certain environmental conditions, mostly high heat and humidity. This generation has a blank, not rooted, scalp with a wig glued on – the wig can be removed by tugging firmly (it’s only the rim that’s glued down).

Type 3: With the release of Lan Ake and Lan Ai in 2005, a newer body was created, with less articulation, a smaller more child-like body, and hinged wrists/ankles (the wrists are unfortunately prone to cracking). While sturdier than its predecessors, this body is the least poseable. The latter releases of this generation only have two head pieces, no scalp. These are harder to put on an obitsu, because of how the eye mech is placed inside the head.

Type 4: The January 2009 release of Neo Noir, introduced the fourth and current generation of the Pullip body. This body is slimmer than the type 3, slightly more poseable, and has interchangeable hands.

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