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My Type 1 Pullips

8 random photos, click to see full size pictures at

Type 1 Pullips have Marmit-type bodies with visible screws. They have rooted scalps, but can still be re-wigged if you make or purchase a regular scalp (or cut down the original hair). The later blank scalps and these rooted scalps can be swapped.

Squeee! err.. Squall! (by birdie's stuff)My eighth Pullip, and second “grail”, was Squall. I adopted her MIB (= like new, with her original box), and she arrived Sep 11, 2008. I named her after the amazing singer/songwriter, universal daughter and wild child, Annisette of the Danish band Savage Rose. I’ve spray matted her shiny face with the hobby sealant Mr Super Clear, other than that she is unchanged. Her rooted hair is massive, and it dries up and gets a little frizzy – soaking it in fabric softener every now and then helps.

Such a pretty girl (by birdie's stuff)Carol was my twenty-second Pullip, she arrived April 14, 2009. I adopted her nude & bald (de-rooted scalp), with the Little Red Riding Hood stock wig. I spray matted her face and repainted her chapped looking lips. She went to live with a new owner in Denmark, Dec 2010.

Bouquet!! (by birdie's stuff)Pullip Bouquet – Squall’s opposite twin – was adopted MIB, arriving on Dec 16, 2009. As is the case with most type 1 girls, her massive hair is quite frizzy. I’ve not done anything to her but redressing her, not even given her a name… Aiming to change that this current summer!

Cyan (by birdie's stuff)Street is a typical type 1 Pullip, complete with marmite body, visible body screws, rooted scalp, hand painted faceup and all. She was purchased OOB (loose, no box) from The Valley of The Dolls, and arrived December 3, 2009. I named her after her hair colour, and Norwegian comic strip Nemi’s side kick. Planning to modify her eye faceup slightly, otherwise leave her as is.