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My Type 3 Pullips

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With the release of Lan Ake and Lan Ai in 2005, a newer body was created, with less articulation, a smaller more child-like body, and hinged wrists/ankles (the wrists are unfortunately prone to cracking). While sturdier than its predecessors, this body is the least poseable. The latter releases of this generation only have two head pieces, no scalp. These are harder to put on an obitsu, because of how the eye mech is placed inside the head.

LatteMy fourth Pullip was my first “grail”, a Latte. She was adopted rewigged & nude, and arrived Aug 28, 2008. Her name is given after singer/seiyu Sakamoto Maaya. Her previous owner gave her two cartilage piercings, and I’ve re-chipped her (given her new eyes) with Pupa Paradise PI18 eye chips plus added extra eyelashes. She is on a white 27cm HB Obitsu, and changes between a blonde Cotindoll wig and ALa’s stock wig. Maaya is somehow my signature doll.

GreggiaIn 2008, my grandmother passed away, and the money I inherited I spent on my first few Pullips. Greggia, my eighteenth Pullip, is named Marie after grandma, as a small token of remembrance and gratitude. She was adopted nude from my friend kat/burntbao, as part of a trade where Asuka was sent off in return, and arrived Jan 6, 2009. A fun fact is that she has two right feet! (My grandma definitely didn’t! ;) )

PrunellaMy twentieth Pullip, Prunella, was adopted “nude”, but I’ve since acquired her stock outfit. She’s one of my favourite h.Naoto fashion collab dolls – I would never wear that kind of fashion myself, but it’s still absolutely fab. She arrived March 11, 2009, and has since been given a new body – a 25cm obitsu – extra eyelashes, and a deep green fur wig. She’s named Hikari after the blue haired Pokemon trainer known as Dawn in the international version.

Xtina? (by moeeeh! ?)My twenty-fourth Pullip was Nahh-Ato, which I adopted nude and bald (I couldn’t care less about her 1001 Nights costume and matching glittery chaise longue). She arrived July 14, 2009, and is named after singer/songwriter Sia Furler. I am having a lot of fun customizing her, she’s one of my absolute favourite Pullips. So far, I’ve spray matted her face, re-wigged her several times, and added extra eyelashes. She has a Volks EB body which matches her tan colour quite well.

No longer mine:

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