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Two exciting upcoming bjd dolls

I was never a huge fan of the grumpy, grimacing, yet fun looking Mui-Chan, but the upcoming December release looks really promising! Seems as Ixtee is doing the pure cuteness routine this time, keeping her characteristic look but giving her face a more relaxed expression. I love their attention to detail when it comes to accessories, but of course that doesn’t help much if you don’t like the doll itself. Check the awesome retro trikes they’re making! They’re sold on eBay, and fit Lati Yellows too, which probably also means PukiFees. You can follow the upcoming release on flickr, Facebook, and the official website. I reckon she will only be made in a limited edition this time as well (100 pieces the last time around, I believe?), so keep your eyes peeled if you are thinking of getting her! If my research is correct, the pricing is expected to be around $2-300 – version 1 included 2 sets of hands/feet, faceup, wig, carrier, outfit and a passport (!). If you have more knowledge about this type of doll, please share!

Another new doll that has caught my attention, is the Monochrome Luxes bjd series from Ondormi. The dolls are beautiful, and the designers have a great sense of humour – can’t really beat that!

I don’t know how tall these are, but they were promoted at the message board, which leads me to think that they’re probably 1:6 or thereabouts. They are 44cm tall, meaning a little bit more than average MSD size (which is 40cm for girls). They look incredibly cute, and there’s a mix’n'match system when you purchase a doll. You can choose between 25 different parts, some of those being large or small bust, different hand options, low or high heeled foot, an optional face plate, and more. Check out the doll builder! They also have an amazing eye mechanism (patent pending), with a lever in the back of the head which lets you move the doll’s eyes in any direction – check out this demonstration video! The flickr stream shows sleeping dolls, I am not sure if this means that they can blink and keep their eyes closed, or if that’s the other faceplate they’re mentioning. – the eyelids can be adjusted from an open to a closed position by removing the faceplate and adjusting the eyelid piece manually. The eye mechanism may be removed if you want to use other eyes – much like Unoa, this.

From their FAQ: DOLL BUILDER dolls are themed collections, full set dolls, it includes one of each item on the menu, chosen by you. Also included are; Collection face-up, deluxe doll box, Bead Hands and replacement springs for the eye mechanism. I am really curious about their pricing level – from a comment on their Facebook wall I believe they’re not going to be the cheapest around, but I hope they’ll still be affordable.

The store opens on December 5, I have my alarm clock set! ;) In the mean time, I am watching their flickr and Facebook profiles. It’s also possible to play with the doll builder and read about the dolls on the official website.

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  • withinity says:

    The Ondormi dolls are 44cm, and I think they’re really neat. I’ve wondered who’s behind them, it seems like it would be a larger company, kind of like how Sonokong does Rhea. I think someone on DoA said they’d be around $260 for a basic doll.

  • withinity says:

    Actually I found out that they really are a new company, and from Singapore. They seem like very nice people.

  • Birgit says:

    Thank you for your input! :) I just realized that even though the main area of the official website is “dead”, the menu links work. Will update my entry accordingly!

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